We receive data from various devices in the vehicle, via either the FMS output or other equipment in the vehicle or trailer. Data collection takes place automatically. Minimal work is required to obtain the data.

Monitoring of driving and rest time 

Those running transport and logistics businesses know the challenges of complying with the regulations for driving and rest times and the practical issues of reading tachographs and driver cards.

With the latest tachographs, data and driver cards can be read wirelessly, and driver managers can monitor how much driving time each driver has left.


Fuel costs account for a substantial proportion of the costs incurred by transport and logistics businesses. By introducing a system to measure and monitor fuel consumption, significant savings can be made.

Temperature control

Locus has developed the LinkItAll software for Carrier.

LinkItAll provides temperature data, vehicle positions and times, routes driven, the set-point set by the driver, and the length of time that the doors have been open. The system is web-based and also provides information about the operation of the refrigeration system and where there is a workshop that can provide assistance. There are also alarms for temperature deviations and system downtime.

Tracking device and GPS positioning

Each device consists of a tracking device with cables, an external antenna for fitting to the windscreen, and a built-in SIM card. Consequently, no mobile subscription is needed for these devices.

One or more devices with a tracking device installed can be displayed on the map simultaneously, and the device can be easily tracked on the map as up-to-date GPS information is received from the device.

If you want to be able to see where a device has been over a certain period of time (trail tracking) or the last 15 minutes, you can easily turn on GPS tracing in the map and see where the device has moved during the given period.

Real-time GPS positioning of trailers also allows for better utilisation of the equipment.

Printing of packing slips and delivery notes

If necessary, a printer can be used, and the orders/notifications can then be printed out in the vehicle. This may be necessary if the customer wants a receipt, or if you want a receipt from the customer yourself.