Since 1991, Locus Solutions has developed and supplied high-quality business-critical IT solutions to the emergency services, security companies, and the transport industry. At Locus, we know that there’s no time to lose when an accident happens. That’s why we’re proud to supply technology that helps to save lives each and every day, each and every hour.

Today, Locus Solutions is part of the Canadian group Enghouse, although our head office is located here in Sandefjord. Although we operate as one company, we’re organised as two different business units: Public Safety and Transportation Management System (TMS). The focus of the Public Safety unit is on solutions for the emergency services, while the focus of Transportation Management System is on technological solutions for transport and logistics.


The transport industry depends on the best possible flow of goods in order to have the right products delivered at the right time. That’s why Locus has developed the advanced transport tracking system TransFleet TMS

The system gives customers a complete overview of the flow of goods in terms of both inbound and outbound logistics. The solution provides a continuous overview and feedback on shipments, which gives you the opportunity to solve any issues before they even arise.

TransFleet TMS provides effective support for the planning, tracking, and monitoring of transport services. The solution can be integrated with your existing ERP, WMS, and financial systems.

Public Safety

A heart attack. A car accident. A house fire. Demanding situations require quick action by the emergency services, so the flow of accurate information is critical. 

Locus develops efficient system solutions with integrated decision support that help medical emergency communications centres, on-call emergency doctors, the fire brigade, and other emergency vehicles when they’re up against the clock. 

Our solutions can be easily tailored to meet various needs and requirements; what they have in common is that they’re based on modern technology that demands a lot in terms of stability, scalability, and user-friendliness. Our developers have specialist expertise in:
•    Integrations
•    Geographical information systems
•    System design
•    Safety
•    Mobile communication
•    Needs analyses

Our head office is located in Sandefjord.

For our products in Denmark, please see the website of Simatech A/S.